Pastor Keay started Freedom Baptist Church, which grew, under his leadership, to an average of 39 on Sunday mornings. We saw a high day of 100 and baptized 21 converts in one year, while he was pastoring. In October of 2004 Pastor Keay felt lead of God to take a position, in Connecticut.

The Freedom Baptist Church then called Brett sharp to become our Pastor. Pastor Sharp has Pastored our Church since that time.

In September of 2006 the Southside Baptist Church of Glenolden, pastured by Dr. Sal Yannizzi, felt led of God to move their Church to a new location in Downing town, PA.  Dr. Yannizzi led his people to donate their building, in Glenolden, to the Freedom Baptist Church.  There were many church members who were unable to make the move with Dr. Yannizzi and stayed behind to become members of our church.  Since this time God has continued to bless us, and our church has continued to grow.

In 2010 Freedom  Baptist sent out its first sister church in accordance with God’s word that we should go forth into ALL the world being fruitful and multiplying.  Assistant Pastor Mike Wilps started New Liberty Baptist Church.  

The History of Freedom Baptist Church History...

Pastor Chris Keay started the Freedom Baptist Church on April 9, 2000. Our first service was held in the Strath Haven Middle School in Wallingford, Pennsylvania. Our services were held there until November of 2000. In November, we began renting the first floor of a dentist office in Media, Pennsylvania.

During our first year of existence, the church became involved in a very public legal battle. The battle was over whether or not a "religious organization" could constitutionally meet in a government facility, such as a school. After nearly a year and a half of court battles, our church won the case. It was ruled that such a facility could not discriminate against a "religious organization". This was a landmark case that set precedence for other churches in the state of Pennsylvania.